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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Re-Up Gang Minus Sandman ...?

Sandman "Anchor" from IMC Productions on Vimeo.

Sandman "Anchor"
New solo video from Sandman for the song title "Anchor".

Apparently the Re-Up Gang is no more. Well Sandman says he's out based on the newly released album, Clipse Present "The Re-Up Gang".

Even though he's not apart of the group now, from what he's saying, he may re-join for future projects. There isn't any comments from Clipse or Ab Liva but we will keep you posted.

To be honest, I would have left the group also if we put an album out like that. The "We Got It 4 Cheap" series was great and I'm sure all Re-Up Gang fans were waiting for a Re-Up album, but all we got was a "cut and paste" album that should have been titled, "Best of We Got It 4 Cheap".

"When it comes to my music, dog, this is what I love," said Sandman Tuesday afternoon. "I'm not tryin' to be a god-damned architect or nothin', or else I'd put my time into that. When you have a movement like the Re-Up Gang, something that came out of nowhere that was turned into a cult following, I just don't see how people dropped the ball on the last project. So it didn't make sense for me to stick around if shit ain't in my best interest."

"I could be bitter. You know how this shit normally looks. But I'm a G, Cannons Inc. is real, and I'm not runnin' around not talkin' no shit. I'm forever the Inc or The Re-Up Gang. The Re-Up Gang ain't goin' nowhere, and after I blow, niggas are gonna wanna do reunion albums and all that, but right now, [no]. I feel like they think that the Re-Up is all from them, the success of it."

Check to listen to the Sandman radio interview.

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