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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lookout iPhone ... The "G1" is Coming!

The T-Mobile G1 will be available at selected T-Mobile stores and dealers starting on October 27th for $179. Two new data/messaging plans will also be available at $35 with unlimited data & messaging and $25 with unlimited web & some messaging.

So I'm at work and I happen to spot this ever so amazing cell phone by Google/T-Mobile called the "G1". I am not able to share my sources but let's say this is a good one. After talking about the phone's specifications and all that jazz, I was about to see in person what the phone had to offer. We didn't make any phone calls, but I got a chance to check out the internet browser, street view feature, and the touch screen options.

The internet browser was great and the load time in a low signal are was rather fast. The icons on the phone's main page were straight forward and easy to access. Also the street view feature was pretty cool. Stay tuned as I will keep you posted with more information about the G1.

1 comment:

Lazy Genius said...

Definely gon' have to cop this phone when it drops