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Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Mos Def In The Flesh, Where We At, Right Here ...!"

Finally, Mos is giving us something new. Scheduled to be released in February of 09, "The Ecstatic" will be on my list of albums to pick up. Below you can find the single, "Life in Marvelous Times", as well as a track listing for the new album.

Mos Def will also be on the road starting Oct. 31 in Prague with the European installment of the Rock the Bells tour, alongside Nas, De La Soul, EPMD and the Pharcyde, among others.

Cadillac Records

Checkout Mos in the new film "Cadillac Records," due December 5th as playing as Chuck Berry.

Life in Marvelous Times - Mos Def

Track Listing for The Ecstatic
* "Auditorium" featuring Slick Rick (Produced by Madlib)
* "Super Magic" (Produced by Oh No)
* "Twilight Speedball" (Produced by Chad Hugo & Mos Def)
* "Priority" (Produced by Preservation)
* "Pretty Dancer" (Produced by Mr. Porter, co-produced by Hemmy)
* "History" featuring Talib Kweli (Produced by J Dilla)
* "Cherry Tree" featuring Q-Tip (Produced by Minnesota)
* "The Glow" (Produced by R-Thentic)
* "Life in Marvelous Times" (Produced by Mr. Flash)
* "I Forgot to Be Your Lover"
* "The Ecstatic"
* "Pistola"

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