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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lamborghini Estoque Joins The 4 Door Coupe Battle

Okay, So 1st Mercedes blessed us with the CLS 500, then Aston Martin released pics of the upcoming Rapide. BMW has the CS, and Porsche has even announced future production of the Panamera. Since these 4-door Coupes have been getting excellent reviews from consumers and enthusiasts alike; its only right for Lamborghini to join in on the new coupe-like sedan market. Enter the "Estoque." After several "teaser photos" were released, the long awaited unveiling of the vehicle was at Paris' 2008 Auto Show.

The pictures, provided by, aren't super-clear, but it gives a great view of the car and interior components. Performance stats have yet to be been confirmed, but some say the 560 hp V-10 engine that is currently in the Lamborghini LP-560 will power this beast. Looking at the interior, I don't believe they are making this vehicle for the track, but for the luxury feel which Lamborghini isn't known for doing.

All of my car enthusiast can clearly tell that tail lights and grille of the Reventon were incorporated into the design, along with other signature lines that are used in the current models. The dashboard has a large screen which I believe acts with the cameras on the side view mirrors.

Prices and release dates have yet to be discussed.


Bombchell said...

[sigh] so... pretty. I dont even know where to begin.

but I wont bother dreamin of one. lol

Anonymous said...

it kinda resembles the aston martin , except the front...that has its own thing going on. still a 10 tho.