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Friday, October 3, 2008

Mikey McFly Meet Futon Lingo

Salutations my name is:

Mikey McFly

I was born and raised in:

Philadelphia, Pa

My hustle, business venture, occupation is:

I run one of the premier up and coming blogs on the net. Not only do I have what the rest have (notice the SARCASM here people) but I offer a bit of personality to maintain a bit of individuality. I've interviewed artists, musicians, producers, DJs, and store owners but that is only the beginning.

I'm doing this because:

Music is taking a serious loss these days due to a lack of originality. I like to promote artist that are comfortable in "the skin their in". Doing all this allows me to play a small part in the music business which I can use to branch out into other fields of entertainment.

My near future goals are:

Launch my music career, launch my media company and go down in history as one of the freshest....ever

My ideal job:

I would like to run my own media company AND record label. One preceding the other of course (I'm not Jigga yet but I'm on my way)

You are reading about me because:

I work hard to get what I deserve and I would go toe to toe with Kimbo Slice if it meant turning my dreams into reality.

I get my inspiration from:

Life, without it we can't exist. Also, I get a bit of inspiration from Video Games and Movies as well.

I enjoy collecting:

Bookbags and School Supplies (Backpack emcee with a need for pads and pens)

I hate it when people:

I hate it when people front on each other without probable cause.

My favorite sneaker:

Ice Creams and Nike Air Assaults (This month anyway...)

Final Statements:

The past and future are irrelevant, its all about living for today
HyRez Media coming soon


Anonymous said...

Dope interview.

I am Jwork said...

I like this interview alot I see you follow my blog and your from my home town philly ( man let's do some crazy shit and blow these blog sites out the water )

ChrisConsin & Philwaukee said...

Great interview. You guys are doing big things, goodluck.

Mikey McFly™ said...

Thanks again my dude

Mirrorlove said...

classic on both parts