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Thursday, November 6, 2008

So You Like Twitter Huh ...?

As always I'm always looking for something fresh, exciting, and anything that will make my day easier, and as always logging onto twitter from my Blackberry, TwitterBerry, is a bit boring because the layout is lame, and my Twitterrific is pretty decent. But I wanted something else, a program or widget that will eliminate me logging into Twitter from my laptop. Ta Da! Twhirl! This little withcadigit is great, and it does everything the website and cell phone apps do plus more!

With the auto updates, color themes, and regular updates to fix bugs, you can't go wrong with this program. Not to mention the user friendly interface that will not leave you confused and running back to your Blackberry or iPhone.

Features I like:
-Upload photos directly to TwitPic
-Quick filters for replies and direct messages
-Themes and Layouts
-Twit update notifier from followers

Download it and try it for yourself.

The download is compatible with Mac and Windows OS.


Click to check out the site and download

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